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Crack Magazine, Clash Magazine, Metal Magazine, The Independent, I_D Online, TheQuietUs,The Wall Street Journal, tmrw Magazine, Stylist, Y-Magazine, Black Peruse Magazine, Reelheads Magazine, Beat Vision, L’talioeuropa, Londonila, Colours Studios Playlist, Daily Italian, Dilate Magazine


Dock Street Arts, Leeds
Vantage Art Prize, Leeds
Portraits of Contemporary Youth, D&AD and Dazed & Confused, Shoreditch, London,
Prelude; Leeds

Bonne Femme, Paintings and Canapes, London

Mass Energy curated by Tommy Sussex, Peckham London 

Awarded Best of Year in the Dazed and Confused/D&AD Awards

Shortlisted for the VANTAGE Art Prize


Mander Portman Woodward, 2016

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