Dubai. A place obsessed with prestigious image and associated with astonishing skylines; what was no more than desert over a decade ago, is now engulfed by high-rise buildings upholding an impeccable skyline; Built with the intention of impressing the western world it has achieved its goal.

 Disguised by an extravagant and obvious obsession with the contemporary; beneath the surface of this facade the more common public perception of Dubai shadows the less than modern conditions of many of its inhabitants. The men that make this city are exploited, mislead and fed false promises; they are subjected to barely acceptable living conditions with minimal pay, thousands of miles from their home.

This project explores the reality behind the vast and rapid expansion of this city in to the over populated and yet isolated existence of the labour camps. Hidden away on the edge of the desert, those in affluent areas choose to remain oblivious to the men who build this 'soul less city'. 

With women restricted from entering the camps, as a female photographer, my work observes from a discreet distance the conditions and restrictions these men endure. It should be said however that this sort of exploitation while endemic in the Middle East is also common in many other parts of the world.

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